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Youda Jewel Shop
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“Get ready to shine!”

Design the most astonishing bracelets, rings and earrings, serve your customers quickly and turn your very own Jewel Shop into a glittering success!

As impatient customers line up for your fashionable accessories, it is up to you to quickly produce and assemble all the glitter and glamour they desire.

Stay calm and use your multitasking skills to finish orders quickly, keep your treasured customers happy and grow your business from the ground up.

Once you mastered the basic techniques of jewelry design, you go on the journey of a lifetime encountering ‘The Russian’ , the mystical ‘Zen Lady’ and thieves that try to rob your shop!

Price comparison

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Youda Jewel Shop
€ 6,99
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Youda Jewel Shop
€ 9,99
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Youda Jewel Shop — Publisher
Youda Jewel Shop
Youda Jewel Shop — Publisher
Youda Jewel Shop
Youda Jewel Shop is available from 6.99 to 9.99 from 2 shops.

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Available in 2 Shops