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Buying crypto currency

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum - crypto currencies are particularly interesting for investors and stock exchange speculators. Where can investors buy a crypto currency and how do they participate in its development?

With crypto currencies, the development is progressing quickly. A few years ago, Bitcoin and Ethereum were still the digital means of payment of a few computer freaks, nowadays they are also on everyone's lips with private and speculative investors. And the reason is simple: Anyone who bought Bitcoins a few years ago for a few hundred euros is now a millionaire.

Multiple currencies can be bought online

New crypto currencies are constantly coming out of the ground, and Facebook is also playing its part in the digital currency market with its own currency called Libra. So if you've already been caught up in the Bitcoin hype, surely you've already thought about how you can take part in the appreciation of crypto currencies and where you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Co. The advantages and disadvantages of the various options are explained here.

Blockchain technology is a special feature of crypto currencies. Very simplified, it works like an electronic cash book in to which all transactions are recorded. Every cryptographic user has a copy of this cash book on his computer.

Once someone somewhere in the world pays with Bitcoin or trades with it, it is immediately written into all copies of the cash book. As a result, the purpose of a bank or a central bank that processes payments in conventional currencies, such as euros and dollars, is dropped. The transaction can be completely anonymous as the bank, i.e. the intermediary, is no longer involved in this transaction.

Buy bitcoin and other crypto anonymous online

Is the anonymous use also important to you as an investor, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. should be physically owned. To purchase the individual crypto currencies as a digital coin or file, there are different ways, however, the ownership of a wallet is always a basic requirement. You can compare a wallet to an electronic purse or a bank account in your pocket. It allows you to send and receive cryptos, say, make bank transfers.

The use of a wallet and where you get it from varies from digital currency to digital currency. The purchase of real Bitcoins also differs from the purchase of real Ripple, for example.