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With a Crypto Voucher card you can buy cryptocurrencies online easily, quickly and securely. You can change the crypto currency credit at the most convenient time for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) or ICO tokens. Crypto Voucher Gift Cards are the perfect solution if you don't know which crypto currency you want to buy and how the market is developing.

Crypto currency vouchers are convenient to purchase online, delivered 24 hours a day by email and are available instantly!

Secure payment and save money

Buy also without user account crypto currency vouchers at the best price online. Usually only one e-mail address is necessary, where you want to receive the crypto currency credit.

Depending on the shop, the Crypto Voucher Code appears on the screen directly after payment and is also delivered immediately by e-mail.

Redeem crypto currency voucher immediately

With the Crypto Voucher Code you can immediately buy crypto currency to fund your online wallet with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum and to invest ICO Tokens in crowdfunding projects.

Crypto Voucher gift card explined

Crypto Voucher is a credit card for virtual, encrypted currencies that are administered decentrally (Blockchain) and are internationally valid, so-called 'crypto currency'. The trade ('mining') of crypto currency is also called the 'new gold digging'.

The best known crypto currencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) or ICO Tokens. You can redeem the crypto currency balance immediately or whenever the exchange rate improves. With the Crypto Voucher you simply fund your online wallet with the crypto currency of your choice and 'mining' can begin.

Crypto Voucher FAQ

What are Crypto-Vouchers?

Crypto Voucher as a gift is now available for purchase. The easiest way to enter the world of crypto-currencies is a Crypto Voucher. Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other crypto currencies are available by voucher. The voucher cards are available by credit card or Bitcoin payment. Gift vouchers are also available in crypto-currencies. They can be ordered at also offers gift cards and vouchers in crypto currencies. Available are gift cards for 10 €, 25 €, 50 € and 100 €. There are many places where you can buy and pay with crypto-currencies. The voucher cards are an ideal gift for everyone.

Where can I buy Crypto-Vouchers?

You can buy vouchers online in Internet shops. Crypto Vouchers are available on the following websites.


All shops can be found in our list. A voucher enables the purchase of services and products at the appropriate points of acceptance that allow Bitcoin purchases. Bitcoin Vouchers are available in different amounts. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is through these vouchers.

More and more people are entering the Bitcoin trade. Bitcoin is becoming increasingly attractive as a means of payment. Products from Dell or Microsoft and from Rakuten can be paid for using Bitcoin. Some airlines, restaurants and online retailers also accept payments with Bitcoin.

How are Crypto-Vouchers paid?

The easiest way to pay for vouchers is by credit card, but many other means of payment are also accepted. The vouchers are an uncomplicated way to replenish your digital wallet. The credit cards can be used like ordinary prepaid cards. The vouchers are preferably paid in Euros. Some providers send an e-mail with the Crypto Voucher Code directly after the purchase of the vouchers. This e-mail explains how the exchange into digital currency works. The vouchers can be redeemed whenever you want!

Can I buy Crypto-Vouchers anonymously?

In principle, the Bitcoin technology makes it possible to trace every payment directly back to the parties involved. However, coin tumblers such as can be used for a more anonymous payment option, which offers clear advantages for anonymization. The currency Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular with investors and there are many advantages that this currency brings. Crypto Vouchers make it possible to quickly get money in this currency via vouchers. Anonymous payment is possible with The reliability of payments and the speed of transactions are still guaranteed, even when is used.

Our conclusion

Crypto vouchers are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you want to get money quickly in the crypto currency Bitcoin or want a gift voucher, with the Crypto Voucher you always have the possibility to get cheap Bitcoins. Other Crypto currencies are also available through the Crypto Voucher. The currency Bitcoin is safe and stable and there are more and more acceptance points where you can buy with this currency. Crypto Vouchers are available online and can be paid by credit card. If you want to refill your digital wallet quickly, you can do so with Crypto Vouchers. Crypto Vouchers are therefore recommended as ideal voucher credits.