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Actually, you don't have to say anything about Grand Theft Auto 5. The Open World action title Grand Theft Auto 5 will once again be played in the Los Angeles-based city of Los Santos and its environs, which was already the scene of GTA: San Andreas.

A good 45 million units sold to date speak for themselves. The player slips into the role(s) of three main characters: the ex-bank robber and family man Michael, the scrapped professional criminal Trevor and the small star Franklin. It's almost always possible to switch between the characters. While the player takes on a role, the lives of the other two automatically continue.

And over the past year and a half, I've said enough on twelve pages about the benefits and shortcomings of this extraordinary gangster epic on the systems of the last and current console generation. But Rockstar hasn't been lazy about the PC's implementation - and has also recorded the DRM feedback that overshadowed the game discussion on GTA 4. Analogous to the PS4 or One versions, the same content and visual additions are offered here in comparison to the original on the Past-Gen systems, such as the new radio stations, fresh activities or the ego mode.

In addition to the main and side missions, many other activities such as car racing or various sports are available. With GTA Online, GTA 5 also contains a multiplayer component in which the online world is dynamically expanded. The revised version for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One offers improved graphic effects, an expanded animal world, denser traffic and additional weapons and vehicles compared to the original release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The well-known GTA 5 cheats and mods have made the game famous worldwide online. The latest mod even added a casino.
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And you also take some of the criticism that comes with it, such as the rudimentary rearview mirrors or side mirrors, so on the next few pages you'll find many elements from last November's test. But GTA 5 is based on the versions for the HD consoles on the PC with numerous optimizations, improvements and additions.

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