Gamekey Price Comparison FAQ

How do I activate a Microsoft Key?

To activate Microsoft Keys you first need the Microsoft App and you have to login with your account. If you don't have an account yet, click on the register button and create a new account first. Now you can enter your game code in the menu and the new video game will be added to your collection. You can now download and install your new game at any time.

How do I activate a game at

You can activate a Gamekey for a game directly via the homepage of the publisher . To do this, visit the Blizzard website and click on My Account at the top right corner to register. If you don't have an account you have to create a free account first. Since you logged in go to your account settings. Under the menu item Games & Codes you can now easily add a game key. Enter the key in the field provided and click on activate code, you have already registered your new video game and can download it.

How do I activate Steam Keys?

To activate a key at Steam you first have to log in with your Steam account and start the Steam program. At the top of the Steam window you will find your menu and click on Games and then on the button Activate a product on Steam… Now you have to accept the privacy statement once and then enter your product key in a separate window. Once you have successfully entered the key, you will be given the opportunity to print a receipt if you can deduct the game from your taxes. In the next step you will be directly offered to install the game, where you can choose the path and you will be told how much free space you need. After the download and the installation you can start playing immediately. If you want to install the new PC game later or reinstall it, you can find it in your library on Steam at any time.

How do I activate a key at Uplay?

To activate a key at Uplay you first need an account and the Uplay software. On the homepage of Uplay you can create an account and also download the appropriate client directly and free of charge. After the installation you will be logged in with your login data and you will be taken to an overview page. You can now activate the newly purchased Gamekey by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner and then on activate product click. In the pop-up window just enter the key, click on activate and you can download it directly.

How do I activate a key on Origin?

To activate a Origin game key, you must have an Origin account and the necessary client installed. If this is not the case, you can create an account on the Origin website and download and install the appropriate client. Now you have to login to Origin with your data. To activate the game key, click on Origin and then on Learn product code in the menu located at the top of the window. It opens an extra window. Here you enter the newly acquired code and click on continue. Now your product will be ready and your new video game will be in your library from now on. The game can now be downloaded and installed easily from here.

How do I activate a key at

A key activation on requires that you have created an account on the website. If this is not the case, you can create a new account directly on If you are in possession of such an account you can go to There appears a text field in which the Gamekey must be entered. Click on continue and you will be asked to log in. After the registration one more click on the further button and the order is successfully completed. You can now download the video game from your account at any time. If you don't want to use your browser to activate codes or download games, you can also download the Gog Galaxy Client, register and do everything else with this program.

What exactly is Game Key Compare?

Game-Key-Compare is an online price comparison. Our product range includes Gamekeys, also called product keys, prepaid cards, game time subscriptions, software and many other digital goods. The prices for digital goods can vary greatly from supplier to supplier in order not to fall for overpriced offers, our price comparison helps. All the shops that are included in our price comparison have been personally checked and tested for security, service and goods. You can be sure that you will always find the cheapest provider. Simply enter your game into the search field and choose the best shop for you.

Must I register and log in?

No, we do not create a user account at all. Every visitor can move freely on our website and search for his products. The service and support can also be used without registration, you only need to enter an e-mail address so that we can reply to you and help you as quickly as possible.

Sell your own Keys?

No, currently we do not have our own shop and therefore do not sell gamekeys. You can only compare prices on our website and by clicking on the shop of your choice you will be forwarded directly to it where you can purchase your product.

How does the best price come about?

The cheap price for gamekeys and other digital goods is made up of several factors. On the one hand, there are now an infinite number of large and small shops for the purchase of gamekeys, since everyone wants to bring his keys to the customer, of course, this presses the price. Furthermore, the keys are usually bought by EU traders at lower prices than those offered in other countries. In addition, the purchase is always a digital product, i.e. as a rule you simply receive a product key by e-mail. This not only saves customs and shipping costs, but also eliminates the need to rent storage space to store the products. The price is therefore made up of various advantages of the digital products and no way because it is illegal goods or poor quality products.

Is the purchase of such keys legal?

Yes, the purchase of Gamekeys is completely legal. With the purchase of a key you have purchased a legal product and can download and play it. The downloads are offered directly by the manufacturer and we only offer you a cheaper alternative than the direct purchase on the homepage of the publisher. After purchasing your product key, you have to register it with the manufacturer and then download your video game as often as you like. So if you don't want a video game collection on your shelf, you will only benefit from the Gamekeys. Cheaper prices, time saving and it is a around the clock purchase possible.

How do I get my new key?

After purchasing a digital product from one of our partner shops you will usually receive the key by email. You will receive an email with a text code or a picture showing the code. A few shops also do not send the code by email and you can read your keys directly in your account under “My calls“ there. Usually you will receive your new Gamekeys after a few minutes in rare cases but also after a few hours. But a delivery within 24 hours is guaranteed at every shop.

I didn't get my key, what now?

If you haven't received your key, wait 24 hours, this will be advised by every support. If you still haven't received your key, just use the support service of the respective shop, pretty much every shop in our price comparison offers a great support.

What payment methods can I use?

The many shops in our price comparison also offer different payment options. Once you have decided on a shop, you can first check whether the payment method you have chosen will be accepted before you proceed to the payment process. The most common methods of payment are: PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, Paysafecard, direct debit, payment by mobile phone, bank transfer, cash, Giropay and Skrill. It is therefore ensured that everyone is given an opportunity to pay for their goods.

My key cannot be activated or is already in use!

The fact that you cannot activate your key or that it is already in use is a very rare problem that should not occur. But you don't have to worry that your money is gone. Just send a short mail with the order number to the support of the responsible shop. They will solve your problem as soon as possible and fix it. Probably it was just an accident and the code was sent twice. In this case you just get a new Gamekey.

Can I sell my Fifa Coins to you?

No FIFA Coins can be sold directly to us because we neither buy nor sell products. However, there are enough web shops which buy FIFA Coins at good and fair prices. One of these shops is, for example, where you can sell FIFA Coins on all platforms. The price can vary from platform to platform.

Where do the ingame currencies come from?

All currencies are legally generated and sold. In none of our partner shops are currencies generated electronically or generated by bots. In order to be able to offer you fifa coins or similar currencies, the products are purchased from other players or professional players are hired to specifically farm these currencies.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes, we offer a partner program. People who are active as e-athletes or similar can become partners with us and earn some extra money. No matter if you are a streamer via, an active YouTuber or an old established gaming community. If your reach is large enough, you can request a partnership with us by simply filling out the form provided. We will check different criteria and then contact you if you are suitable for our affiliate program.

I am streamer on twitch and want to become a partner.

You have built up a fan community around you on Twitch and are regularly active? Then get in touch with us and become a Game-Key-Compare partner. To become a partner, your Twitch Channel should already have a few followers in it and there should also be regular people watching you in the stream when you are online. You also need to be full age and ready to set up a panel with a Game Key Compare link on your channel. In return, you will appear visible to all customers on our partner site to attract even more viewers to you. If these criteria apply to you, you can contact us, we will check your channel and then contact you.

I have a YouTube channel and want to become a partner.

You have your own YouTube channel which you regularly supply with new videos and a fan community that watches your videos? Contact us and become a Game-Key-Compare Partner. With our affiliate program you can further increase your fan base and earn some money on the side. To become a partner, you must be full age and your channel should already have a certain number of subscribers. In addition, your channel should be regularly supplied with new videos to keep the viewers. If all this applies to you, please contact us. As an affiliate you will be visible to every customer on our affiliate site to gain even more viewers and become even more popular. Once you have made your request we will check your YouTube channel and get back to you as soon as possible.