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Gamekeys – the fast, easy and cheap way to new games

Hardly any other gamer today is taking the traditional route to the store shelf to buy a new video game. Instead, more and more prefer the digital way and buy online the so-called Gamekeys. Two or three clicks and all you have to do is download the video game of your choice. The purchase of such a product key, however, has many more advantages than just the saving of time and the saved way to the store shelf. If you have decided to buy a key, you can often choose between different variants of the video game, depending on how much money you want to spend you can enjoy certain in-game items, while in the shop shelf usually only the standard variant of the game is available for purchase. In addition, as a Gamekey pre-orderer you also get the opportunity to play a video game before the official release of the game. An online shop also has no opening hours. A game can be purchased around the clock and if you feel like playing a new video game at 3am at night, you can buy a gamekey, download the game and get started. This not only makes gamers more flexible, but also gives them the opportunity to make a spontaneous purchase at any time. Last but not least there is of course a huge competition on the market around Gamekeys. Every shop wants to sell its goods and tries to undercut the competition in price, so you get digital Gamekeys usually a lot cheaper than the CD product in the shop.

What is such a Gamekey?

If you buy the digital version of a video game, you usually always get a so-called gamekey. This is a code which consists of a certain number of letters and numbers. You have to enter this code in a certain webshop to start the download of the game. Some of the most common webshops are for example Steam, Origin, Uplay or

Nowadays it often happens that when you buy a CD, DVD or Blue-ray you have a product key included in the package. You need this key to install your video game. Many publishers use the Gamekey or Productkey to counteract illegal piracy. Nowadays they appear more and more frequently. That's why you will find more and more providers on the Internet who represent and sell these products. In order to find the best offer for yourself and to save money, it is worthwhile to use a price comparison in order not to become a victim of overgrown prices.

GameKeyCompare is your first choice for Gamekeys

A price comparison is always worthwhile! There are from day to day more suppliers of Gamekeys and thus there are also daily deals and special offers with different Webshops around the customers for itself to win. To find these bargains and always get the best price there is GameKeyCompare.

Our price comparison is not a conveyor belt website. It is exactly adapted to what gamers and other potential buyers need and need to know.

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All shops in our price comparison have been personally selected, checked and tested. We set a high value on serious partners and a smooth checkout process. Websites which have already attracted negative attention in the past or which are only slightly fraudulent are not even taken into account in our price comparison.

The prices of the individual Keyshops are always up to date and never outdated, in addition, the range of games is also constantly and regularly renewed and expanded, so that all current and brand hot video games can always be found. Currently our assortment already includes more than 42600 video games and it is still growing. Not only AAA games from top developers are represented in our price comparison. We also offer a large collection of Indie titles and Early Access games and of course video games are included in the price comparison which are only available in advance.

Various gaming platforms, different Gamekeys

The range of gaming platforms is currently as large as never before. There are not only several different computers with different specialities depending on what you need the computer for and what video games you want to play, but also countless game consoles.

The XBOX 360, the XBOX One and the recently released XBOX One X come from Microsoft, for example. Sony is represented on the game console market with its various PlayStations, the most recent of which are PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, which was launched in November. In addition to the two major manufacturers mentioned above, Nintendo has also been represented on the gaming console market for a long time. The Wii U and the new Switch are particularly popular, for example, but Nintendo handhelds such as the Nintendo 3DS are also very popular game consoles.

For all these platforms and many more there are Gamekeys for the different video games. It can happen very quickly that you lose the overview. All keys in our price comparison are sorted by platform and easy to keep apart. So it is easy for every buyer to find the right product quickly and easily. If you are not sure if you should buy a special game or if you don't know exactly whether for console or PC, you can inform yourself extensively about the differences of the video games before making a purchase.

If it should happen that you don't find your video game in our collection, please let us know and we will solve this problem.