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Cyberpunk is the role-playing version of Mike Pondsmith's 1988 Pen&Paper template of the same name. The PC and console game Cyberpunk is developed by CD Projekt RED and uses the RED engine known from The Witcher 3.

In the near future, the world of cyberpunk will be technologically advanced, but socially shattered and degenerate, similar to Blade Runner. In Cyberpunk, the player can choose from different character classes and further improve his character with implants or upgrade weapons with upgrades.

The story is told non-linearly, so player decisions will lead to different consequences, similar to the Witcher series. Cyberpunk will be a classic singleplayer role-playing game for the release and will perhaps only later have a multiplayer component. Cyberpunk 2077 is controlled from the first-person perspective, except when you're on the road in vehicles in the Open World.

Also side characters should not be neglected in Cyberpunk 2077: If a character, a story or a theme is neglected in the main story, you should find them in the side tasks, but also in the world again. Also your prehistory, which you choose at the beginning of the game, will trigger specific quests - so it should be worthwhile to play through Cyberpunk 2077 several times.

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