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Stellar Tactics
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A classic Sci-Fi RPG set in the harsh environment of deep space. Gather your team, equip your ship and explore the far reaches of deep space.

Bringing back the nostalgia, excitement and wonder of classic RPG's, Stellar Tactics™ will thrill you with a compelling narrative, deep strategic turn based ground combat system and rewarding open world space exploration. Build your team, equip your ship, explore the universe!

With 10,000 sectors, over 200,000 solar systems and millions of planets to discover, you can spend countless hours exploring, fighting, trading and building a party of seasoned veterans that can dominate the challenges of deep space.

To survive, you will need to build your team's skills through practice and equip your party and ships with the best weapons, armor and equipment you can find. Ward off raiders, pirates, mutants and opposing factions, among others, to defend your wealth and reputation.

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