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Metro: Exodus is the sequel to Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light based on the book by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The first-person shooter is set in 2036 and the player takes on the role of Artyom again, who this time must leave the underground and embark on a journey through post-apocalyptic Russia. The Aurora steam locomotive, rebuilt by the survivors, is used as a means of transport and base. The linear levels of the previous games are replaced by a series of larger and freely accessible maps - including day-night changes and a dynamic weather system. Despite the Open World approach, a story focus with a compelling story is to be retained. The environment also changes with the course of the seasons, with Metro: Exodus's overall storyline extending over 12 months. In the course of the story Artyom is to lead a group Spartan Rangers on the search for safe habitat by the wasteland. Metro: Exodus mixes action from an ego perspective with stealth and survival elements. As in the previous games, the player must deal with the hostile environment, as well as mutated monsters and hostile people. The game uses an arsenal of homemade firearms that can be enhanced with collected materials using the crafting system. Other essential items such as the gas mask or lighter will help you explore the dangerous End Time world.

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