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"Japan's take on classic Commodore 64/Amiga action-adventure games. NOT a Metroidvania. Use your wits and your weapons to discover an ancient secret and gain your redemption. Art and music by Japanese legends of console gaming.

Exile's End is an homage to early 90's action-adventure PC games like Flashback and Another World, but with a Japanese flair. The core of the game is from Australian game maker Magnetic Realms with art, cutscenes, and music provided by legends of the 8 and 16-bit eras from Japan. It draws its thematic influence from the science-fiction films and anime of the 80's and its gameplay from classic Amiga and Commodore 64 action-adventures.

- Music From Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden NES, Tecmo Bowl, Captain Tsubasa)
- Art by staff from Secret of Mana,First Kiss Story, Mother 3, and more!
- NES-style cutscenes by OPUS (Half-Minute Hero)"

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