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The new Desperados is developed by Mimimi (Shadow Tactics). With five heroes, all with individual abilities, we sneak, assassinate and shoot ourselves through a Western adventure.
Connoisseurs of the old parts will meet again some acquaintances, such as the bounty hunter John Cooper or the doctor Doc McCoy. He and a group of bandits (Desperados) went in search of his arch-enemy. Also Kate O'Hara and Doc McCoy are supposed to reappear.
New not only in Desperados, but in the genre: neutral zones in which the heroes can move freely to look around and pick up clues. And real villains will find the best deal for your Desperados Steam Key in Game Key Compare!
Mimimi also promises more interactive elements in the missions than Shadow Tactics. Nothing is known about the plot yet, but Desperados should be similar in size to Shadow Tactics. They don't run from the I-view, but from the bird's eye view. Action isn't the focus, the realtime tactics game is more about clever planning and tactics.

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