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A bullet hell with a sinister twist. Think fast and strategically as you weave through a bullet hell of your own making. Easy to learn and hard to master, TERROR SQUID is an arcade experience unlike any other.

Create your own bullet hell

Conduct your symphony of destruction. Dodge tantalising bullet patterns of your own design. Survive for long enough to release a primordial blast of dark energy, detonating your projectiles in gloriously satisfying chain reactions. Perfect your strategy to squeeze every precious second out of each run.

Unique vector graphics and a thumping soundtrack combine to deliver a deliciously terrifying arcade experience. Feel the dopamine rushing through your veins and give in to the assimilation.

Reign havoc upon your friends' highscores. Rise to the top of the gene pool. Ascend.

Cast aside your puny human shell and give in to the darkness. Become Terror.

There is no hope
There is only TERROR SQUID

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Indie · Arcade
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