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Sudd City Adventures
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Silvia is an FBI agent in charge of superhero relations in Sudd City and while that might sound glamorous it often involves just being organized enough to prevent some interesting characters from falling apart.

Participate in the usually unseen parts of the lives of super heroes in this 2D lighthearted short narrative adventure.

Play as a special agent with friends who happen to be superheroes experiencing minor inconveniences at their headquarters while not fighting crime. Their Very Important Problems include a missing skull ring, escaped reptiles, couch entrapment, accidentally creating sentient robots, and more.

She'll need to interrogate her friendly suspects and investigate all the clues as she tries to get to the bottom of their personal crisis so she can go home.

2D Hand Drawn Art
Point, Clicking, and Judging
A team of interesting heroes and animals to interact with

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Sudd City Adventures — Steam
Sudd City Adventures
€ 4,46
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Sudd City Adventures — Publisher
Sudd City Adventures
Sudd City Adventures — Publisher
Sudd City Adventures
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