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John Woo Presents Stranglehold stars martial arts star Chow Yun-Fat as Inspector Tequila, a detective in Hong Kong's police force who is traveling the globe in search of his kidnapped daughter. The game features a single-player story mode in which players take the role of Tequila and fight their way through cities such as Hong Kong and Chicago to locate the missing child who is held captive by mafia members and gangsters. Players will have the opportunity to earn style points by performing such moves as running up banisters while shooting and when enough points are acquired gamers can execute moves that include the "Tequila Bomb" or enter "Tequila Time." "Tequila Time" is a sequence during a gunfight when enemies are slowed down while players maintain their speed, making it easier to hit enemy targets. Up to eight players can get involved in multiplayer action through the Internet, and the environments within the game are fully destructible and interactive.

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