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The Sequel to the award winning X²: The Threat introduces a new 3D engine as well as a new story, new ships and a new gameplay to greatly increase the variety in the X-universe. The economy of X³: Reunion is more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before. Factories are being built by NPCs, wars can affect the global economy, NPCs can trade freely and pirates behave far more realistically.

Space just got a whole lot bigger with the addition of two new sectors and the introduction of the gargantuan Player HQ which allows many exciting new features including the ability to build your own ships and even give them customized space paint finishes. In addition to the new M7 battleship, there is an assortment of new weapons and onboard ship devices to use and explore.

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Role-playing (RPG) · Simulator · Strategy
Available in 7 Shops · 70/100 based on 1 game critics
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