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Tropico 6 is the latest addition to the popular German strategy series based around the fictional dictator El Presidente. Instead of having to worry about just one island like before, the player now has to manage an extensive group of islands, not unlike the competition of the construction industry in the year 1800. Compared to the competition, however, the four epochs of colonial times, world wars, cold war and modern times come back again. The greater scope should open up new strategic possibilities, including the construction of bridges and alternative transport routes. In addition, there are wonders of the world, sights and the typical Tropico humour. For example, players can steal wonders of the world from other countries in order to increase their nation's fame. In addition to the macro level, personal micromanagement is also returning: you build your presidente by hand, make election speeches with lots of promises, and after your re-election take a lot of taxpayers' money into your hands to decorate your government palace. Technically, the game is based on the Unreal Engine 4 and for the first time offered a beta for pre-orderers before release. Tropico 6 was no longer developed by Haemimont Games (who just released Surviving Mars in 2018), but by the German team Limbic Entertainment.
Penalty colonies, landmarks and raids with their own pirate ship: The German development studio Limbic Entertainment lets its imagination run free in the completion of the construction game Tropico 6. The dictator simulator will not only be released for PC in January 2019, but will also be implemented on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the same year.
The history of the Tropico series goes back to 2001. Since then, the humorous build-up strategy series has offered a welcome alternative to "serious" titles such as Anno or Die Siedler.
With the sixth part, Limbic Entertainment takes the helm and is currently working feverishly on its completion. The game, which will be released in 2019, will have 15 mission maps as well as 15 more sandbox levels and will be featured at Gamescom with its free gameplay and many possibilities.

Simulator · Strategy
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