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Tropico 3: Absolute Power
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Tropico 3: Absolute Power is the first official expansion pack to the critically acclaimed Tropico 3 and provides all-new options as ruler of a small Caribbean island nation. It adds a new campaign, new missions, new island types, unique buildings and new powers to maximize the length and success of your term in power.

New campaign featuring 10 all-new missions and islands

New buildings garbage dump, marina, grade school, etc.

New edicts declare an annual festival dedicated to yourself, print your own money or outlaw your most annoying political faction among others.

New traits and appearances to take El Presidente's power to the next level.

New huge landmarks huge decorations and structures as a reward for political and economical success to make your island unique.

New "loyalist" faction comprised of your die-hard supporters.

More radio announcements and a new radio station with witty comments on your actions in the game.

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Real Time Strategy (RTS) · Simulator · Strategy
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