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It could have been such a nice trip: Papa sits with his son in the plane heading north, the little one peacefully paints a little picture. But the plane crashes and crashes into an undiscovered island. Unfortunately, a stranger grabs the little one before dad comes to his senses again - from now on the mission is to survive and find his son Timmy again.

Survive on a deserted island whose nature has remained largely untouched by man. Thorough green forests in rain, heat or thunderstorms, explore abandoned caves and mine shafts or explore the snow-frozen north! Collect food or kill living creatures. But be careful! Not all animals are friendly!

In the dense forest Papa has to find food, water, shelter and orientation. The natives have however quite little desire on the new neighbour and regard this at best as annoying, at worst as tasty dinner.

Online you can unfortunately find many cheats for the game - but luckily also at least as much information in wikis and mods. The game has a really lively community. Also great is that you are right here to find the best key price in comparison!

Endnight Games has sold more than 5.3 million copies of The Forest. According to Gamasutra, it took the studio four years to reach this milestone for the mix of horror and survival games, which first appeared in Early Access in 2014 and was later enriched with a VR mode. In the press release, Endnight Games also gives an insight into the budget that the team initially had available for development: according to the press release, the project was financed with 125,000 dollars.

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Puzzle · Simulator · Strategy · Adventure · Indie
Available in 2 Shops · 86/100 based on 7 game critics
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