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A hardcore platformer made with pure nostalgia!

Super Lumi Live is focused on traditional levels and fast paced movement.

It has ultra refined controls and unrestrictive gameplay creating a great speedrunning experience or you can slow the pace down to try and find all the secrets.

Set in virtual reality TV show, Super Lumi Live is an elegant mix of great 2D platformers while still having it's own feel.

There are collectibles to grab, bonus exits to find, gravity levels to untwist and a world map to discover all wrapped inside a brutally pure gameplay experience.

- Easy to play, difficult to master.
- Fast movement with precise controls.
- Speedrun and exploration themed level design.
- 8-12 traditional sized levels in each of the 6 Seasons.
- Gravity twisting Warp Space levels.
- Time targets, challenging collectibles and sneaky secrets.
- Bonus level exits and unlockable paths in the Season map.
- Replays**.
- Level and Season editors**.

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Super Lumi Live — Steam
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€ 9,99
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Super Lumi Live — Publisher
Super Lumi Live
Super Lumi Live — Publisher
Super Lumi Live
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