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Stonewall Penitentiary
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Stonewall Penitentiary is an indie murder mystery adventure that is presented in the visual style of graphic novels. It pays tribute to Agatha Christie's classic And Then There Were None and horror thrillers like Scream and Saw. Discover why you and six others were kidnapped by an unknown captor as you search an eerie prison and solve mind-bending puzzles to determine "whodunit!"

Will you survive Stonewall Penitentiary and its many mysteries, or will it be your tomb?


Stonewall Penitentiary is a traditional 2D point-and-click first-person adventure game with a focus on exploration and narrative. It features beautiful graphic novel-style artwork and cinematic music. Explore an abandoned prison by navigating from room to room. Separate inventory, map, journal, and character screens are available at the push of a button.

Stonewall Penitentiary plays like an interactive novel. Throughout the game, you will make choices that can affect the outcome. The game features all standard adventure game mechanics, including locations to explore, items to collect and use, characters to meet and interact with, and puzzles to solve--all without any major pixel hunting!


- EXPLORE an abandoned prison and uncover its dark secrets
- INTERACT with many interesting, fully-voiced characters
- SOLVE a multitude of challenging puzzles
- DISCOVER plenty of optional content that will test your detective skills--all without any major pixel hunting!
- ACHIEVE two different endings, depending on your actions (or inactions)
- UNLOCK all 27 achievements to view a special post-game bonus scene
- DETERMINE "whodunit" in a 10+ hour story that pays tribute to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None and horror thrillers like Scream and Saw

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Point-and-click · Puzzle · Adventure · Indie
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