Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Sekiro: Shadows The Twice is an action adventure by From Software, the makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne and settled in Japan of the Sengoku era in the 16th century. Sekiro uses a mix of swordplay action, exploration and role-playing elements.

The players slip into the role of Sekiro, called the "one-armed wolf", who can use his upgradeable hand prosthesis in a variety of ways in combat and locomotion - for example, it is grab hook, shield and weapon in one. Each situation offers different approaches depending on the equipment and use of the prosthesis, such as surprise attacks from above, stealth or open combat.

The action game takes leave of the dark medieval Dark Souls and the Gothic alleys of Bloodborne. From Software has been inspired by its Japanese homeland and has taken the late Japanese Sengoku period into consideration. But of course the developers wanted something darker, crazier and more fantastic than the actual historical period.

The game session started with a panoramic view of the world, with Japanese houses against a picturesque background. In the distance there is a huge castle above the clouds. That's exactly what the developers meant with their more fantastic interpretation of the time period, because on this side of the mountains there were neither castles nor was it guarded by gigantic snakes. Nevertheless, the historical inspiration is clear. Despite the early version, the look is impressive. The beautiful cherry trees, the towering castles and the snow-capped mountains are the perfect backdrop for the raw and intense action.

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