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A VR action-packed adventure in which you take control of a mysterious entity, flustered and perturbed by a deceived past as it struggles to break free from the shackles restraining its path.
With only meager power left at your disposal, fight to regain strength, recompose all memories, and unfold the truth. Your hands, layered with sublime potency are capable of forming substance, raising mass and warping gravity.
Converge focus, sharpen your reflexes, unleash fury and watch your back. Your preys lie under the aegis of their guardians, the entrails of order hinder your merciless vengeance.
Break open the gates that have long constrained you in your sleep, unfold the secrecies, bend the bars of your prison, what lies beyond the haze obstructing remembrance is for you to discover.
Game description

In Run of Mydan, VR physics interaction is at the core of the gameplay mechanics, requiring players to master accuracy in throwing, aiming and anticipating.
Swiftness, agility and dexterity are crucial to success, forget standing still, in order to survive it is inevitable to duck, dodge and block.
Enhance your skill with different weapons/powers. You'll start off by throwing energy spheres, but you'll soon find yourself using javelins, morning stars, boomerangs, etc...
The action takes place in all directions, so make sure to watch your back as you master your ability in flying.
Coordinate and cooperate with friends in your quest for vengeance throughout the story mode, or test your abilities as a team in horde mode.
Confront other players in multiple game modes, such as classic deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, races, etc...

List of what you can do

- Generate weapons with your hand (spheres, javelin, gun, etc...)
- Defend yourself using the power shield
- Learn to fly using your whole body
- Complete an immersive and mysterious story mode
- Challenge players online in highly competitive gameplay mechanics
- Lots of new weapons that exploit VR capabilities
- Complex Boss fights
- Wide variety of enemies
- Steamworks integration
- Additional levels and environments
- Character customization and progress

What is in the demo

The demo contains a very small part of the story mode in a reduced form in order to showcase two of the initial themes/environments that will be part of the story. Therefore, both levels were cut and reduced.
The only available weapon is the energy sphere. This weapon has the property of altering gravity based on the amount of charged applied before it is thrown. Manipulating the environment through gravity alteration will be an important aspect of the game, when it comes to solving puzzles, disabling traps, etc...
The demo also contains a very early version of the arena mode with the possibility to play in multiplayer. In the arena mode you can start getting in touch with the flight/hover mechanics and the feeling of full control over your movement.
All the content in this demo is at a very early stage of development. We are aware of many of its issues and bugs but decided to release this initial build to give you a taste of what we are working on rather than leaving it only to words.
To the community

Your feedback is of immense importance to us, and we want to rely extensively on the community to shape the game in the best way possible. We want to make this product for you and with you!

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