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RENOIR is a story-driven 2.5D puzzle platformer that draws a deep drag of inspiration from film noir genre — the classic Hollywood crime dramas from the 1940s and 50s.
Our mission is to drench our video game in that one-and-only mood and aesthetic of the film noir, while adding our own unique flavor to the mix: the characters, the gameplay and, of course, the story…
James Renoir is a private detective with a dark knot of a past struggling to stay afloat in a city sunk to the floor by crime and corruption. As a former police detective, Renoir makes his living doing the only thing he knows: investigating, digging, exposing... until the day he is shot by a who-knows-who and left to die with the gunshot echo of a why...

Renoir was acquired from Soulbound Games by 1C Company before August 2016.
Black Wing Foundation became the new developer and the title Following the switch of the developer, Renoir faced some considerable changes in: level design, core features, the story, graphics.

Platform · Puzzle · Adventure · Indie
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