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Mutant Football League
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Mutant Football League is a 7-on-7 arcade-style, fully 3D sports video game where creatures of all kinds take the field to battle it out in the most violent game ever played! This hilarious and brutal parody of professional American football will introduce you to some of the wildest, most bloodthirsty superstar players to ever strap on shoulder spikes. Players such as JJ. Rott and Troll Gonnamaulu lead stranglehold defenses against the punishing offenses of Tom Brainy, Jamaul Gnarls, and Ghoulio Bones. Mutant Football League features deep strategy, over-the-top violence, laugh-out-loud gross-out humor, and of course those signature Dirty Trick plays. Thirty monstrous teams are made up of skeletons, battlebots, trolls, aliens, super-humans, and demons. There are very few rules in The MFL, so get ready to do all the punching and crunching, biting and fighting, and stomping and chomping necessary to become the MVP (Most Vicious Player) of the Mayhem Bowl, and take home the Vic Lobotomi Trophy.

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