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Platform Steam


Metrocide is a relentless top-down single-player arcade stealth-shooter set in a cyberpunk dystopia where everyone wants you dead.

As legendary contract killer T.J. Trench, you’ll have to negotiate a fierce and brutal city replete with gangs, vigilantes, cops and more, taking out the trash one contract at a time. While cop drones circle overhead, you’ll be sticking to the alleyways with a variety of weapons and plantabl explosives, finding new and unique ways to get away with murder most foul.

But one single slip-up will cost you. There are no respawns here – when you’re dead, you’re dead. That’s it. Duck and weave through the claustrophobic streets as a living city does its best to stop you breathing – permanently.

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Metrocide is available from 0.38 to 1.17 from 5 shops.

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Shooter · Indie · Arcade
Available in 5 Shops

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