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Lost Sphear
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Platform Nintendo Steam


"The next evolution in this new golden age of JRPG’s arrives with LOST SPHEAR, bringing a fresh take on classic RPG gameplay! A young man, who suffered a phenomenon that he had never seen, faces an ominous power that threatens the fabric of reality. Awaken the power of Memory to restore what was lost! Muster different Memory and craft the world around you in a journey to save the world."

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Lost Sphear — Steam
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Lost Sphear — Steam
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Lost Sphear — Steam
Lost Sphear
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Lost Sphear — Nintendo
Lost Sphear (Nintendo Switch)
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Lost Sphear — Publisher
Lost Sphear
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Lost Sphear — Publisher
Lost Sphear
Lost Sphear is available from 15.05 to 21.99 from 4 shops.

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Role-playing (RPG) · Adventure
Available in 4 Shops