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Long Night
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Platform Steam


Long Night is a Third Person Survival-Horror video game series which aims to reconnect with the atmosphere of its ancestors, the old classics from the 90's and early 2000
With this game Trickster Face wants to put Lurking Fear back to the center of the gaming experience, rather than pure action sustained by an escalation of noisy special effects.
Here we have no shot guns nor giant monsters, but simply David, a youngster who can only count on your pugnacity and your instinct, to survive, and save his friends.

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Long Night — Steam
Long Night
€ 1,38
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Long Night — Steam
Long Night Steam CD Key
€ 2,63
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Long Night — Publisher
Long Night
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Long Night — Publisher
Long Night
Long Night is available from 1.38 to 2.63 from 2 shops.

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Adventure · Indie
Available in 2 Shops

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