Just Cause 4

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Just Cause 4 is the sequel to the Open World series from Avalanche Studios and once again relies on chaos, destruction and the grapple hook as its all-purpose weapon. The improved Apex engine offers players even more possibilities for crazy experiments. A new feature are weather escapades like Blizzards or Tornados. The whirlwinds tear everything that gets in their way into airy heights and with the right weapons (like the wind cannon) we can use it for our own purposes. The story leads the hero Rico Rodriguez back to South America, where he already caused devastation in the first part. In the fourth part of the Just-Cause-series we have to free the fictitious country Solis from a mercenary gang.
The renegade agent Rico Rodriguez travels to Solís, a vast South American world full of conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions. Strap on your wingsuit, grab your grappling hook and let it crash!

Shooter · Adventure
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