Doom: Eternal

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Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter by id Software and the sequel to the 2016 Doom reboot. The graphics with many new splatter and mirror effects are made possible by the idTech 7 engine, which is being used for the first time.

A special feature of idTech 7: Demons are now gradually destructible. Unlike its predecessor, Eternal no longer plays on Mars, but on Earth and other planets such as the Mars moon Phobos. There, the Doom Slayer is again battling a lot of demons. The number of enemy types is almost doubled and the hunt is still brutal: Besides firearms, the Slayer now also has a sword blade and a grapple hook on his forearm.

Doom Eternal is primarily a single player game. Who does not want to play it however completely alone, can get stranger players as hunt troops into its campaign. In such an invasion, a real player takes control of a demon - similar mechanics are known from Souls likes Dark Souls or Bloodborne. The soundtrack to Doom Eternal comes from Mick Gordon, who already composed the music for Doom 2016, Prey and Wolfenstein 2.

But Bethesda has two innovations in his backhand. In Eternal the surroundings are supposed to tell little stories. "We're no longer just building a Doom game, we're building a universe," the developers say.

Curiosity is also aroused by interesting loudspeaker announcements in which demons are greeted as "new friends" - black humour aimed at the joyful language of large corporations. However, the demons are not always played by the computer. In the invasion game mode there is the possibility to penetrate the campaign of another player alone or in pairs in the skin of a hell soldier and to make life difficult for a slayer.

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