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Code Vein is an action role-playing game by the creators of the God-Eater series. After a catastrophic geological anomaly, the world as we know it collapsed. At the center of the dystopian world, revenants live in the eponymous Vein - a society of outcasts who strongly resemble vampires: they suffer from an everlasting thirst for blood in exchange for powerful abilities.

If they drink too little, they become the "Lost", devilish and merciless ghouls. The player slips into the role of a revenant and is tasked in Vein to find a way out of the doomed world. Numerous monsters, creatures and huge boss opponents stand in his way.

Repeaters also have access to blood veils - equipment that can draw blood from enemies to strengthen them themselves. With these enhanced abilities, known as Gifts, players can change shape to increase their strength, weaken enemies, or summon new weapon abilities with overwhelming attacks.

By exploiting the arsenal of weapons in conjunction with each character's gifts, players can adapt to a variety of combat situations and develop their own strategy to suit their playing style. The buddy system in JRPG allows you to explore the dungeons of the connected game world with the help of a second character.

After a catastrophic geological anomaly, the world as we know it collapsed. Huge skyscrapers, once a symbol of prosperity, are now only a tombstone of humanity, pierced by the thorns of judgment.

In the center of the destruction hides a secret society of outcasts called 'Vein'. In this last bastion, the inhabitants fight for survival, blessed with powerful abilities that they have received in exchange for a perpetual thirst for blood and the loss of their memories.

Those who surrender to their thirst for blood risk becoming one of the lost - devilish ghouls who threaten to devour the last rest of humanity.

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