Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

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Tzar: The Burden of the Crown is a real-time strategy game for the PC published by Take-Two Interactive and developed by the Bulgarian game developer company Haemimont Games.
The gameplay is set up in a fictional medieval age. The basic goal is to conquer the neighbouring kingdoms and destroy all traces of them, or destroy their castles, depending on selected playing mode. There are many different buildings and characters you can produce, each depending on which of the 3 races you choose to be: European, Asian or Arabian. The main differences are the types of special buildings available, and the types of troops you can make. There is also a campaign option for single players in which the player must complete specific goals, such as destroying an enemy force, or protecting a citadel from attack. The game also includes a map editor where players can create their own map to play on with strategic rivers, forests, and resources to build their armies with.

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