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Trials of the Blood Dragon
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"Trials with a storyline
30 missions across 7 different worlds in a full narrative-driven adventure, a cast of colourful characters and a self-contained story set 12 years on from the events of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Bikes, tanks, legs and more
As well as the trusty Motorbike, expect to master the art of the BMX, 8-wheel tank, Turbo Flip R/C, jetpack and mine cart, and even leaving the vehicles entirely and going on foot for the first time in the history of Trials.

New tools, 100 % more shooting!
Beyond driving, the level of action is cranked up with the addition of weapons and a grappling hook. These bring a whole new level of gameplay to the world of Trials. If at first you don’t succeed, try shooting it."

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Shooter · Platform · Racing · Arcade
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