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A ball, two goals, and a couple of toasters : Welcome to Toasterball. In this unconventional tournament, the toasters are athletes and the laws of physics are merely a suggestion.

Toasterball is a party game (2-4 player), made to be played with friends on a good old couch. Because you play as toasters, you can naturally expect some slapstick physics and funny on-screen situations, but there is also a real learning curve, and enough gameplay variants and minigames to keep on surprising you.

The basics of Toasterball are quite easy to learn : simply press one of the buttons on your toaster for a short time, release it, and watch your toast fly through the air. The longer the press, the higher your toast will be launched. Each ejection also makes you jump, allowing you to hop around the field and push your opponent into tight situations. From there, any means are allowed to put the ball inside your opponent's goal!

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