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PlanetSide Arena
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"PlanetSide Arena is a massive-scale, match-based, sci-fi arena shooter that reintroduces players to the revolutionary PlanetSide Franchise - the record-breaking MMOFPS series that redefined all-out planetary warfare. Played solo, in teams of three, or as part of large combat groups, PlanetSide Arena features unique character classes, seasonal progression mechanics, combined arms combat, and a variety of match-based game modes."

"Massive Clash
This intense large-scale arena pits two sides battling it out for dominance. Choose your side and prepare for a full-on assault in this massive 250 vs 250 battle.

Battle Royale
Play solos or teams in this jetpack-fueled last mercenary standing sci-fi royal rumble. Customize your loadout, drop into the Arena, loot, and survive."

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