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Moo Lander is a 2,5D platformer with lots of environmental puzzles and resource management. You take control of the Lander – the last hero of his dying civilization. Your mission is to locate and obtain enough milk – the most important resource in the universe. The milk itself is found only on the ancient planet of the mighty alien Cows. Doing battle with those beasts yields you the precious milk – a much needed resource for your quest. You progress through the game levels by going through many hostile creatures – both flora and fauna, and at the end of each level is a boss battle with a unique Cow. After each level run you must choose what to do with the gathered milk – either upgrade your ship, unlock technology, build up your base or send the milk back to your home world. Your ultimate goal is to send enough of it to save your people.

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Moo Lander
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Puzzle · Role-playing (RPG) · Adventure · Indie
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