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Platform Steam


Malus is a Action Role Playing Game with an emphasis on horror, combat and gameplay. The game is much slower paced than your typical ARPG.

In Malus, the world has been overrun by eternal darkness. Demons have won the Celestial War and taken over the world. Every corner of the land you will find evil lurking. Humanity is in the brink of extinction. You play as either a Male or Female, you wake up in the middle of a forest, not knowing how you got there, you scower the land in search answers.

Soon uncovering dark and horrific secrets about the land and also yourself.

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Malus — Steam
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Malus — Steam
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€6,83 €6,42
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Malus — Steam
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€61,35 €58,28
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Malus — Publisher
Malus is available from 5.33 to 58.28 from 5 shops.

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Role-playing (RPG) · Hack and slash/Beat 'em up · Adventure · Indie
Available in 5 Shops

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