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Maid of Sker
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Maid of Sker is a first-person survival horror, set in a remote hotel with a macabre history from Welsh folklore. Brave the nightmares of the Quiet Men. When they arrive, do not panic — don’t even breathe."

Featuring realistic 4k visuals with gameplay focused on story, exploration and no-weapon survival tactics. Experience a multiple thread narrative where your decisions matter, unlocking different story paths and multiple endings.

A 3D sound based AI system is the core survival gameplay mechanic. Hide, run, creep, trap and distract are some of the techniques you need to master to survive enemies with super hearing. As you progress, enemies become more difficult to avoid, to the point where standing still and holding your breath is the only option!

Time it correctly and you’re safe, for now. Run out of breath and — suffer.

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Maid of Sker — Steam
Maid of Sker
€ 21,29
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Maid of Sker
Maid of Sker — Publisher
Maid of Sker
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Adventure · Indie
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