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Labyrinth is a bold and innovative new Collectible Card Game (CCG) adventure that allows players to experience the depth of traditional CCGs and the action of tactical role-playing games in an immersive 3D universe.
In Labyrinth, players are both Adventurers and Dungeon Masters. As Adventurers they must assemble a powerful deck of Heroes and then invade rival dungeons and engage in epic player vs. player 3D battles to capture loot. As Dungeon Masters, they will use the loot from conquests to customize their own dungeons and put together a powerful deck of Bosses, Monsters and Trap cards to defend their riches at all costs.
An additional level of strategy is introduced as multi-player battles are fought asynchronously, which means each player can take their time to plan their defense.
Labyrinth is set in a vast and wondrous city called Starfall. Once a peaceful and thriving market city, age-old pacts and alliances have broken down creating turmoil and unrest. The earliest settlers have consolidated their power and look to push out rivals while newcomers to the city seek to carve out territory for themselves. As night falls, a silent war begins in the tunnels, alleys, and halls of the ancient city and every player must battle for survival.

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