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Platform Steam


What happens in a game where most of it is hidden?

Glo is a puzzle platformer where the majority of the world is hidden. Using blind faith, glowing projectiles and memory use your skill to escape the darkness. Provoked by writing on the wall the story unravels as the mystery of the environment is revealed.


100 challenging levels.
4 epic boss fights.
Precise controls.
Speedrun mode.
A world shadowed in darkness full of secrets.
Pure abstract visuals designed to stretch the boundaries of imagination.
Atmospheric soundtrack blended with the environment and story to build a world of emotion.
Glo is a one of a kind experience that takes you on an emotional story of curiosity, wonder and fear. Glo combines the environment and story as one allowing you to reveal everything from nothing.
In a world where nothing is known, everything is a surprise.

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Platform · Puzzle · Strategy · Adventure · Indie
Available in 1 Shop · 70/100 based on 1 game critics