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You are a pilot in the government forces stationed at one of the planets under attack. As you get higher on your career ladder, you will be able to choose more advanced hovercrafts and ammunition, as well as to order your own squad and influence local battles.

The goal of the development of the game is to further expand our virtual universe. Based on the huge success of the first game, we are presenting you with the same world, occurring at the same time, but from the point of view of another character, whose adventures unfold according to a different storyline. At times, it will cross the storyline of the previous game, and if you have played "Echelon", you will recognize some places and characters.

Echelon: Wind Warriors is a unique game. This is not a regular space-battle simulator, nor is it a simulator of combat in enclosed labyrinths. The action is taking place above the surfaces of a planet, the picturesque landscapes of which are one of the basic features of the game play. In the realism of the implementation of the gaming environment – the cockpit of the battle hovercraft – Echelon is comparable with the best flight simulators. The game play is similar to that of the MechWarrior series, but instead of a walking robot, you pilot a fighter.

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