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Death Come True
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An authentic full motion video game from Kazutaka Kodaka, creator of the Danganronpa.

Is this a game or a movie? The story reacts to your choices.

The story takes place in a hotel. The main character, Makoto Karaki (Kanata Hongo) is a wanted serial killer. However, he has lost all of his memories. Under such circumstances, when he dies, he has a mysterious ability to “time leap” and return to the past. As he’s being chased like a criminal, who can he trust? Who should he be wary of? What is his true identity? The man searches to find the truth as he repeats decisions and death.

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Death Come True
€ 13,27
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Death Come True
Death Come True — Publisher
Death Come True
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Point-and-click · Puzzle
Available in 1 Shop · 70/100 based on 1 game critics