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Time keeps slip, slip, slipping away...You're trapped in a mansion with five guys, one of whom has a gun.There's a giant countdown ticking down. At the end of this story, someone will die.Will it be you? Or can you escape... the DATE WARP?Use a steady hand to connect the wires and put the pieces together to solve the mystery of the mansion before it's too late. Your choices will turn the story towards one of eleven possible endings.Characters: Janet - A freshman at Brook College, previously a socially-isolated student. Will she live or die? Alben - A mysteriously hostile young man. Why is he so angry? Bradley - A cheerful jock who's been asking every freshman girl on exactly one date each. What is he planning? Linds - A lecherous scientist who is clearly up to something. What does he know about the forcefields? Nathaniel - A polite and wealthy gentleman offering assistance to those in need. But is that too convenient? Rafael - A soft-spoken young man who takes care of others but dodges questions about his past. Who is he working for?

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Date Warp
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