Beyond Good & Evil 2

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a prequel to the action adventure game Beyond Good & Evil from 2003. The game should become a shared world/MMO experience and play in a big galaxy where the players slip into the role of space pirates.

So we can also fly spaceships, even get a mother ship whose crew we recruit. Although the game is set up before the first part, characters like Jade and Pey'j appear again.

Fans can help with the development and help shape the world. No matter if elaborate artworks or quickly scribbled wall graffiti, if it fits into the world, the developers take it over. For the collaboration aspect of BGE2, Ubisoft works with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's talent company HitRecord, which pays hobby artists for their work.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 plays in the same universe as the original, but the events of the story take place several generations before the adventures of Jade and her companions from the original.

The story of Beyond Good & Evil 2 takes place in the distant future in which humanity has already conquered the universe. The superpowers are no longer the USA and Russia, but India and China, not insignificantly influenced by megacorporations.

The dirty work in the factories and during the colonization of the planets is not done by machines, but by hybrids called crosses of humans and animals bred by genetic technology, which are mostly kept as slaves.

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