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Aviator - Bush Pilot
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Get ready to pack your gear and fly off into the wilderness of the endless plains!

As the busy operator of a hangar and runway in the heart of a region like the Serengeti, there are countless ways to earn a living. As an ‘old school’ bush pilot, you must undertake challenging jobs to make the lives of both tourists and locals a lot easier. Fight bush fires, transport goods, find missing people & items, serve as a first responder & wildlife preservationist, or simply take some snapshots of archaeological finds.

At the beginning, you must make do with small planes - but with increased success you will be able to upgrade your craft, buy more powerful machinery, and accept more lucrative missions. However, you must be careful - all machines have to be maintained properly and improved in order to operate efficiently.

The accurate handling and realistic physics combine with full controller support to provide you with complete control over your aircraft. So get into the cockpit, head out to the Steppe, and indulge your passions – in ‘Aviator: Bush Pilot’.

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